My questionnaire is in. Let’s hope this all goes well.


Well, that’s a different situation. People might not be too terribly surprised to get caught for something they did. Anyway, if you were killed, at least that might prove your innocence…maybe.

Revenge? Would they think it was revenge?


I don’t think anyone really expects these things to happen to them. But you’re right, it’ll be okay in the end.

Actual murderers might, you never know. I just wish I knew who it was so I could be like “YOU DID THIS,” but on the other hand, I actually would probably end up crying and asking them why they let me take the fall. And then I’d get murdered, but at least he or she would know how I feel.


I’m sorry Melodie. Maybe they missed something that will prove you innocent. Either way it shouldn’t last too long. If you didn’t do it, they shouldn’t be able to find enough evidence against you. I wish there was something I could do to help though.

It’s fine. I just never expected to find myself in this situation, it’s a bit unnerving, but I’ll be okay in the end. I just have to trust that I’ll be out of suspicion.


But, that’s just circumstantial evidence! They can’t prove that you’ve done anything. You shouldn’t be convicted for that…but, with things going the way they are…maybe you can prove yourself innocent with veritaserum? I don’t know, there has to be some way to clear your name.

I’m a suspect. Innocent until proven guilty but everything points to me and they’re keeping an eye on me and it’s enough to make me want to go to France with maman and papa but I can’t leave the country because guilty. I would hope there was, everything is just stressful right now.


Oh, no…but that should be easily cleared up, right? They can check your wand and see that you didn’t cast a killing curse at any time, right?

Apparently it’s not that easy since every now and then I wipe my wand when I cast embarrassing spells. Not to mention I barely cast any to begin with. I was making a transition into muggle living without spells and things. The only ones I had on there were girly things and I wiped those.. So.



A muggle man was murdered in my building. Well, sort-of. The muggles think it was sudden death. They would have left it off at that but apparently a wizard cop person sensed magic traces and called up aurors and they inspected the body and it seems the killing curse was used on the person.

I’m the only magical person in the building. Ever. At any time. I didn’t do it though. I was out late that night.

So, apparently I am a suspect for murder.